Refund Policy

You have the option to return items you have purchased from our website or our flexible website under any circumstance throughout the designated return time, according to the Returns and Exchange Policy at

Self-transport: Before delivering the bundle for the arrival of the items, clients should get in touch with our client care team at for more guidance.

This arrangement is subject to the following unique situations and regulations:

  1. For a limited time period, certain things that cannot cause harm may simply be returned.
  2. All items being returned should not have been used, and they should be in perfect condition with their original tags and packaging.
  3. In the event that the Customer violates or otherwise abuses this Policy, we shall continue to exercise all appropriate authorities to restrict the delivery of goods purchased on If you purchased something that was accompanied by an unconditional gift or offer and you wish to return the primary item, you must also return the complimentary item.
  4. Items returned in error won’t subject us to any obligations. When a second or a different product is unintentionally returned, We will not be responsible for its scattering or replacement and will not be accountable for its delivery to the User.
  5. If possible, pack the items safely to prevent any misfortune or harm during transportation if you are self-transporting your return.

If you want to exchange something, you can cancel your existing request and submit a new one on the website.